« Caught in the Net » Jessica Thomas


She's intelligent. She's witty. She lives in Provincetown and she's got a great dog. Pretty good credentials, one would think. So how come private investigator Alex Peres is singleā€¦ again?When a sneaker washes up on the cold winter beach, Alex and her four-legged partner, Fargo, are sent on an unlikely adventure. But that's nothing compared to the one-on-one thrill ride of a new relationship. From the moment Janet Meacham walks into the Wharf Rat Bar, Alex's usually stable world rocks like never before. Just as work and love seem to settle down, that sneaker comes back to kick Alex right between the eyes. Alex would do anything for Janet -- remodel her bachelor household, clean out the closets and even make Fargo share the bed. But if she can't figure out where that sneaker came from, Alex may not live long enough to enjoy the happy-ever-after ending she's finally let herself believe in.


Series Alex Peres Mysteries #1
Language English
Author Jessica Thomas
Year Bella Books, 2011
First Published 2004
ISBN 9781931513548
Google Books ID kgMmAAAACAAJ


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