«Sarah Beauhall #1: Black Blade Blues»

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Blacksmith, props master, and semicloseted ex-Christian lesbian Sarah Beauhall is struggling to master her craft, push aside her self-loathing, and make time for her girlfriend. Unfortunately for Sarah, not only is her favorite sword actually Gram, the fabled blade that once slew the dragon Fafnir, but an affably evil shape-shifting dragon and the semisenile Corpse Gnawer are coming to take it from her. Sarah soon finds her romantic life in shambles and her jobs under siege as she struggles to comprehend the responsibility that she has been handed.

Original title Black Blade Blues
Language English
Author J. A. Pitts
This Edition 2011
First Published 2010
Published by Tor Books
ISBN 0765324679
Google Books ID nfBWAAAAYAAJ