« The 1000 Year Reich » Ian Watson


Ian Watson, author of the very first novels in the Warhammer 40K universe, makes a long-anticipated return to military SF with “In Golden Armour”, one of three original stories in this fabulous new collection from the man who wrote the screen story to AI: Artificial Intelligence for Stanley Kubrick (later filmed by Steven Spielberg based on ian's screen story). The 1000 Year Reich boasts eighteen stories that showcase the multiple award-winning author at his best. Brimming with ingenuity and invention, the content varies from fast-paced action to thought-provoking conjecture, from wicked humour to chilling possibility, from the sublime to the outrageous.“The brilliant Ian Watson remains the most stimulating and the least comfortable science fiction writer working today. Reading his short fiction reminds us why he is one of the genre's unassailable greats.” – Adam RobertsContents1. Introduction by Justina Robson2. The 1000 Year Reich3.  In Golden Armour4. How We Came Back From Mars: A Story That Cannot Be Told5. Blair's War6. The Name of the Lavender7. Forever Blowing Bubbles8. The Tale of Trurl and the Great TanGent9. The Wild Pig's Collar10. Beloved Pig-Brother of the Daughter of the Pregnant Baby: a Transgenic Story of Genius (with Roberto Quaglia)11. Red Squirrel12. An Inspector Calls13. Me and My Flying Saucer14. Faith Without Teeth15. The Travelling Raven Problem16. The Arc de Triomphe Code 17.  Spanish Fly18. Having the Time of His Life19. Breakfast in Bed


Language English
Author Ian Watson
Year NewCon Press, 2016
First Published 2016
Amazon ID B01CO4DYRK

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