« Berserker Prime » Fred Saberhagen


The Twin Worlds, Prairie and Timber, already face the threat of invading Huevans. And then come the Berserkers, and the Huevans suddenly become a very secondary problem. This time in his long-running saga, Saberhagen shows the Berserkers' kidnapping of humans and reprogramming of them into "goodlife" --that is, as collaborators --from the inside, and he makes the collaborators more understandable and the Berserkers even more terrifying than they have ever been. Meanwhile, the Huevans are revealed as the key to saving the Twin Worlds and get a reprieve. But will that reprieve and the Huevans' bloody self-sacrifice come in time?


Language English
Author Fred Saberhagen
Year Tom Doherty Associates, 2011
First Published 2004
ISBN 9780765345431
Google Books ID -SX8EeRBrt0C


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