« The Dancers of Arun » Elizabeth A. Lynn


Kerris does not fit in at Tornor Keep and he never really has, but he has no where else to go. After all, who else would want a one-armed boy who has an alarming tendency to have fits at any give time or place. The only skill that Kerris has is that of a scribe. He has spent a great about of time developing this skill in the hope that one day he will be hired at a rich house and spend time writing and reading. But all of his dreams change when his older brother, Kel, comes with the fabled Dancers of Arun to collect him. Kerris is not sure what to think of his brother and is alternately repulsed and attracted to him. As they journey to Kel's home, Kerris learns that all of the dancers have "gifts" just like Kerris does. For Kerris doesn't really have fits, he just sees life through other people's eyes and leaves his body for a time. He is what the dancers call a farspeaker, like Kel's lover, Sefer. However, even though Kel repeatedly tells Kerris that he is welcome at his home and that he belongs there, Kerris doesn't feel that he really has a place. It will take a terrible tragedy to help Kerris realize that he does have worth and that he is important in the lives of those around him…


Series Chronicles of Tornor #2
Language English
Author Elizabeth A. Lynn
Year Ace Trade, 2011
First Published 1999
ISBN 9780441006878
Google Books ID jeJJPgAACAAJ


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