« Blind Leap » Jacob Anderson-Minshall Diane


The camera doesn't lie, but sometimes it captures a story worth killing for. When Jeff Conant, the new executive director of San Francisco's Frameline Film Festival, takes a header off the Golden Gate Bridge, he is considered just another statistic--one of the thousands who've leapt from the landmark to commit suicide--until an independent filmmaker's camera on the bridge reveals that Jeff's death was neither accident nor suicide. Yoshi Yakamota and the investigators at Blind Eye Detective Agency uncover evidence suggesting that Jeff was murdered because he'd viewed a film that someone didn't want to see the light of day. But what was on the film? It's missing from Jeff's office, and the Blind Eye team soon discovers that the person that sent it has also turned up dead in suspicious circumstances. Clearly someone has a secret they're willing to kill for, and a Blind Eye team member is getting dangerously close to exposing it.


Series Blind Eye Mystery #1
Language English
Author Jacob Anderson-Minshall Diane
Year Bold Strokes Books, Inc, 2011
First Published 2011

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