«Blind Eye Mystery #2: Blind Curves»

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The murdered body of lesbian publisher Rosemary Finney is found on a remote hiking path south of San Francisco. Local police of the wealthy Woodside enclave quickly focus on a prime suspect: investigative reporter Velvet Erickson. Velvet appeals to her friend and former lover, private eye Yoshi Yakamota, whose detective skills more than make up for her failing eyesight, for help. Yoshi dedicates the resources of her firm, Blind Eye Detective Agency, to proving her friend's innocence. But every time the investigators rule out one suspect, another takes their place. What has Rosemary Finney done to make so many enemies? And which one did it?

Language English
Author Jacob Anderson-Minshall Diane
This Edition 2011
First Published 2011
Published by Bold Strokes Books, Inc.