« Survivor » Dean Crawford


A civilisation destroyed. A species doomed to wander the cosmos. A lone survivor feared by all, her voice silenced and her face veiled behind a metal mask. The Atlantia is all that remains of humanity, a former fleet frigate turned prison-ship now hunted by a terrifying force and haunted by escaped convicts threatening the survival of her beleaguered crew and civilians. Trapped in orbit around a foreign world, damaged and low on supplies, the crew of the Atlantia are forced to make a deal with the devil to forge an alliance of murderous convicts, exhausted soldiers and terrified civilians in a last-ditch attempt to confront the technological horror that has consumed mankind. Humanity’s last stand begins here, and only one woman stands between annihilation and our future…


Series Atlantia #1
Language English
Author Dean Crawford
Year Fictum Ltd, 2014
First Published 2014
Amazon ID B00JEHH4XG

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