« Terror of the Zygons » Robert Banks Stewart (Writer)


When the Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry arrive in Scotland, having received an urgent request for assistance from the Brigadier, they discover that the mysterious force which has destroyed three oil rigs has left giant teeth marks on the wreckage.

The mystery deepens, leading them to the shores of Loch Ness where they find that the legendary monster really does exist and is the murderous tool of the Zygons, aliens intent on overpowering the planet.

The Doctor, his companions and UNIT must find a way to defeat the deadly Loch Ness Monster and its controllers, but the Zygons have the terrifying power to change shape.

The Doctor's life has never been in more danger, as the line between allies and enemies is tested to the very limit…


Series Doctor Who
Author Robert Banks Stewart (Writer)
Year 2013
First Published 1975
Amazon ID B00004CIQQ
International Article Number 5014503418625


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