« Emperor's Mercy » Henry Zou


On the ancient worlds of the Medina Corridor are buried relics of omnipotence. Lost and forgotten, the Old Kings of Medina became the substance of myth until the legions of Chaos rose to claim them.

As planet after planet falls to conquest, Inquisitor Obodiah Roth of the Ordos Hereticus has been dispatched to discover the true source of these relics.

But time is running short, as the forces of Chaos close in, and Roth knows almost nothing of the artefacts. Only that he must deny them to the Archenemy, no matter the cost.


Series Bastion Wars #1
Language English
Author Henry Zou
Year Black Library, 2009
First Published 2009
ISBN 978-1-84416-735-7
Goodreads ID 6535179
Google Books ID doP5PQAACAAJ

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