« Harp of Winds » Maggie Furey


There had been four Artefacts of Power, belonging to the four branches of the Magefolk. Now, millennia later, only the human Mages survived, and the Artefacts were lost.

Until the coming of Aurian… Child of wizards, swordmistress, the headstrong Aurian had set her power against that of Miathan, the evil Archmage. Whilst he possessed the Cauldron of Rebirth, Aurian had recreated the Staff of Earth, the first of the three lost weapons, the only defence against Miathan's plans of conquest.

Trapped in the Southern Lands, her powers reft by pregnancy, Aurian must rely upon the untried powers of the half-blood Mage Anvar as their odyssey takes them to the realm of the mysterious Xandim, to the peaktop city of the Skyfolk, and to the worlds beyond.

But, Miathan's webs of deceit are only beginning to unfurl…


Series Artefacts of Power #2
Language English
Author Maggie Furey
Year Bantam Books, 1995
First Published 1995
ISBN 0-553-56526-5
Goodreads ID 476730
Google Books ID Cu-ePwAACAAJ

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