« Brightness Reef » David Brin


The planet Jijo, where a million years ago the advanced Buyur civilization held sway. Then the Buyur abandoned the world, leaving it to rest and restore its ecological balance. Now the vast civilization of the Five Galaxies uses patrols, guardian machines, and sanctions of law to prevent resettlement until the planet is once more ready for civilized life.

But over the centuries it has been resettled. Groups of sapient beings, fleeing persecution or neglect, have ignored the laws and evaded the patrols, landing in secret. After years of warfare and mistrust, a new society has evolved on forbidden Jijo, based on tolerance and respect among its six intelligent races: the mysterious hoon, the crablike qheuens, the centaurlike urs, the wheel-borne g'Kek, the multiple-personality-bearing graeki, and last of all to land on Jijo, humans from Earth, bringing with them a new technology allowing civilization to blossom in the wilderness. They all now live in hiding under canopies of camouflage, in dread of Judgment Day, when the Five Galaxies discover their illegal colony.


Language English
Author David Brin
Year Bantam Books, 1996
First Published 1995
ISBN 0-553-57330-6
Goodreads ID 25059
Google Books ID l-N0RXekUocC
Open Library ID OL22401632M
LibraryThing ID 20611

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