« Azincourt » Bernard Cornwell


Azincourt, fought on October 25th 1415, St Crispin's Day, is one of England's best-known battles, in part through the brilliant depiction of it in Shakespeare's Henry V, in part because it was a brilliant and unexpected English victory and in part because it was the first battle won by the use of the longbow - a weapon developed by the English which enabled them to dominate the European battlefields for the rest of the century.

Bernard Cornwell's Azincourt is a vivid, breathtaking and meticulously well-researched account of this momentous battle and its aftermath. From the varying viewpoints of nobles, peasants, archers, and horsemen, Azincourt skilfully brings to life the hours of relentless fighting, the desperation of an army crippled by disease and the exceptional bravery of the English soldiers.


Language English
Author Bernard Cornwell
Year Harper
First Published 2008
ISBN 978-0-00-730446-2
Goodreads ID 3276012
Google Books ID x36JiazUIZgC
Library of Congress Control Number 2008278451
LibraryThing ID 5874902

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