« The Adventures of Corto Maltese » Hugo Pratt (Graphic Novel); Richard Danto (Storyboard Artist); Pascal Morelli (Writer); Pascal Morelli (Storyboard Artist)


At the end of 1918 while civil war is raging on in Russia, antagonism is slowly spreading to the East, between the Oural mountains and Shanghai. Stuck between a desire to save what's left of the great Imperial Russia, and starting from a clean slate, old generals, secret organizations, and mercenaries attracted by gold, struggle to take advantage of the events. As Corto Maltese returns to Shanghai, he barely gets time to cross paths with his old friend/nemesis Raspoutine, and escape a murder attempt before being contacted by members of a Chinese secret organization called "The Red Lanterns". In the heart of violent Mandchourian horizons, Corto and Raspoutine launch themselves into a fabulous treasure hunt, following the tracks of the mysterious armor-plated train of Koltchak. A steel monster spiked with canons and machine guns, this trains protects the counter-revolutionaries gold, traveling through Mongolia, and! Mandchouria. While following the bloody trail of this doomed train, Corto and Raspoutine will meet many interesting characters: an aviator with a troubled past, an old general who believes he's Gengis Khan, and a Russian Duchesse, as beautiful as dangerous.


Original title Corto Maltese: La cour secrète des Arcanes
Author Hugo Pratt (Graphic Novel); Richard Danto (Storyboard Artist); Pascal Morelli (Writer); Pascal Morelli (Storyboard Artist)
Year 2002
First Published 2002
Amazon ID B00007144Q
IMDB ID. tt0259134
International Article Number 3259130120592


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