« Det Stora Blå » Luc Besson (Story)


Two men answer the call of the ocean in this romantic fantasy-adventure. Jacques and Enzo are a pair of friends who have been close since childhood, and who share a passion for the dangerous sport of free diving.

Professional diver Jacques opted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who died at sea when Jacques was a boy; to the bewilderment of scientists, Jacques harbors a remarkable ability to adjust his heart rate and breathing pattern in the water, so that his vital signs more closely resemble that of dolphins than men.

As Enzo persuades a reluctant Jacques to compete against him in a free diving contest -- determining who can dive deeper and longer without scuba gear -- Jacques meets Johanna, a beautiful insurance investigator from America, and he finds that he must choose between his love for her and his love of the sea.


Original title Le Grand Bleu
Author Luc Besson (Story)
Year 2003
First Published 1988
Amazon ID B00004TBSX
IMDB ID. tt0095250
International Article Number 5039036003001


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