« Barbarella - Queen of the Galaxy » Vittorio Bonicelli (Writer); Claude Brulé (Writer); Brian Degas (Writer); Tudor Gates (Writer)


After an in-flight anti-gravity striptease, Barbarella, a 41st century astronaut, lands on the planet Lythion and sets out to find the evil Durand Durand in the city of Sogo, where a new sin is invented every hour.

There, she encounters such objects as the Exessive Machine, a genuine sex organ on which an accomplished artist of the keyboard, in this case, Durand Durand himself, can drive a victim to death by pleasure, a lesbian queen who, in her dream chamber, can make her fantasies take form, and a group of ladies smoking a giant hookah which, via a poor victim struggling in its glass globe, dispenses Essence of Man.

You can't help but be impressed by the special effects crew and the various ways that were found to tear off what few clothes our heroine seemed to possess. Based on the popular French comic strip.


Author Vittorio Bonicelli (Writer); Claude Brulé (Writer); Brian Degas (Writer); Tudor Gates (Writer)
Year 1968
First Published 1968
IMDB ID. tt0062711


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