« 2 Seconds » Manon Briand


Champion of the mountain bike circuit Laurie is, after ten years, still at the top of her game. At the start of a crucial race she falters for two seconds and loses. She is forced into early retirement by her boss but is allowed to keep the one thing she loves most; her bike. Now lost and alone outside the competition circuit, he ts forced to fend for herself and find a new direction

Moving to Montreal she finds work as a bike courier, and soon impresses her colleagues with her electrifying speed and obsessive love of cycling.

She meets Lorenzo, who was himself a racing champion in his day (the 60s). For the first rime, Laurie’s knowledge and perceptions of cycling are questioned.

Over time a friendship and an understanding develop between the ex-champions and they even discover that they have similar tastes in women!


Original title 2 Secondes
Author Manon Briand
Year 2005
First Published 2005
Amazon ID B0079KKIP6
IMDB ID. tt0158446
International Article Number 5027626373047


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