« Ensom blant ulver » Jean Craighead George


Alone and lost—on the North Slope of Alaska, Miyax rebels against a home situation she finds intolerable. She runs away toward San Francisco, toward her pen pal, who calls her Julie. But soon Miyax is lost in the Alaskan wilderness, without food, without even a compass.

Slowly she is accepted by a pack of Arctic wolves, and she comes to love them as though they were her brothers. With their help, and drawing on her father’s training, she struggles day by day to survive.

In the process, she is forced to rethink her past, and to define for herself the traditional riches of Eskimo life: intelligence, fearlessness, and love.


Original title Julie of the Wolves
Language Norwegian
Author Jean Craighead George
Year Bokklubbens barn, 1996
First Published 1988
ISBN 82-525-1500-2
Goodreads ID 386286
Google Books ID AY2UtQEACAAJ

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