« Beach » Alex Garland


The Khao San Road, Bangkok—first stop on the backpacker trail. On Richard's first night there a fellow traveller slits his wrists, leaving Richard a map to "the Beach".

The Beach is a legend among young travellers in Asia: white as sands circling a lagoon hidden from the sea, coral gardens and freshwater falls surrounded by jungle. In this earthly paradise, it is rumoured, a select community lives in blissful innocence. For Richard, haunted by the glamour of Vietnam war movies, a trek into unknown Thai territory is irresistible. He was looking for adventure. Now he’s found it.


Language Swedish
Author Alex Garland
Year Leander Malmsten, 1999
First Published 1999
ISBN 91-88700-54-2
Goodreads ID 18248299
Google Books ID lqWpPwAACAAJ

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