« By Blood Alone » William C. Dietz


It takes more than guts to win a war…In a Legion gone lax, Colonel Bill Booly, with his mixed-blood and by-the-book attitude, is a misfit. So when he steps on some important toes, his punishment is assignment to the worst post in the galaxy: Earth.

But Booly and his troops will turn out to be Earth's best line of defense, when a Legion-led military coup topples the government.It's Legionnaire against Legionnaire in a struggle that will be won by strength, by courage, and… by blood alone.


Language English
Author William C. Dietz
Year Penguin, 1999
First Published 1999
ISBN 0-441-00631-0
Goodreads ID 1115217
Google Books ID RQ48o77EeQsC

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