« The Grail » Robert Doherty


The Holy Grail - is it the key to a miracle…or a terrifying truth? The Great Wall of China, the immense carvings on Easter Island, Egypt's pyramids, UFOs: What is the chilling connection?

The answer, unearthed by an elite band of soldiers and scientists based at Area 51, is rewriting human history - to include the aliens who shaped it! Now, in this heart-pounding novel, Area 51 personnel embark on a top-secret search for the Holy Grail, a glittering artifact with the power to save the world…or lead to its destruction.

Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte has paid his dues in battle and in blood. Now assigned to Area 51, he fights the toughest enemy of his career: the alien race who arrived on Earth millennia ago and have returned to claim the planet. Mike has dodged bullets and faced weapons of mass destruction to give humanity another day of reprieve. But when his lover, scientist Lisa Duncan, falls into evil hands, Mike must decide which prize means the most to him - the woman he loves or the legendary Grail. It's a decision that could damn him…or damn us all.


Series Area 51 #5
Language English
Author Robert Doherty
Year Robert J Mayer, 2012
First Published 2001
ISBN 0-440-23495-6
Amazon ID B007NKQ8RO
Goodreads ID 360932
Google Books ID PJERsRKVvNgC
Open Library ID OL3666544M
Online Computer Library Center ID 45954974
Library of Congress Control Number 2002562747
LibraryThing ID 218775

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