Holmboe, Aslaug Ellen

Married Name Holmboe, Aslaug Ellen
Gramps ID I0001
Gender female
Age at Death 61 years, 3 months, 22 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0001] 14 January 1938 Moss, Norway    
Baptism [E0033] 27 February 1938 Moss, Norway    
Education [E0095] 22 June 1951 Moss, Norway Avgangsklasse ved Skarmyra Folkeskole  
Event Note

Mum graduated from Skarmyra Folkeskole

Education [E0106] 23 June 1955 Moss, Norway Realskoleeksamen ved Moss Kommunale Høyere Almenskole  
Education [E0107] 4 July 1956 Moss, Norway H. Dyrnes Handelsskole  
Occupation [E0102] 4 October 1956 Moss, Norway Kontordame hos Næss & Krefting A/S  
Occupation [E0108] 1 November 1956 Oslo, Norway Kontordame hos Gyldendal Norsk Forlag  
Education [E0101] 17 June 1960 Oslo, Norway Punch-school at IBM A/S Norway  
Marriage [E0023] 1 October 1960 Moss, Norway    
Event Reference Note

At the time of the wedding, mum and dad lived in Oslo, at Kirkegårdsgata 20, Oslo 5.

Education [E0100] 29 March 1962 Oslo, Norway Tabulator-kurs på IBM-skolen  
Education [E0103] 21 May 1965 Oslo, Norway Kurs i personalledelse ved Aftenpostens kursusvirksomhet  
Education [E0098] 12 May 1972 Oslo, Norway Kurs i maskinskrivning etter touch-systemet på A.S Pedconsult  
Education [E0105] 16 July 1983 Oslo, Norway EDB-studier på EDB-skolen  
Education [E0104] 29 September 1983 Oslo, Norway EDB- och BASIC-kurs på EDB-skolen  
Education [E0099] 24 June 1986 Moss, Norway Kurs i EDB hos Virkon A/S  
Death [E0002] 5 May 1999      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jenssen, Tormod Gerhard [I0002]18 January 190425 August 1975
Mother Jenssen, Elvine [I0003]4 October 189824 April 1985
         Holmboe, Aslaug Ellen [I0001] 14 January 1938 5 May 1999
    Brother     Jenssen, [Living] [I0006]
    Brother     Jenssen, [Living] [I0005]


    Family of Holmboe, Jan Eigil and Holmboe, Aslaug Ellen [F0001]
Married Husband Holmboe, Jan Eigil [I0004] ( * 6 April 1936 + 11 September 1973 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Holmboe, [Living] [I0000]


Date Street Locality City State/ Province County Postal Code Country Phone Sources
1 January 1938 Hasselbakken 2   Moss       Norway    
11 November 1956 Fauchaldsgate 5   Oslo       Norway    
12 October 1960 Kirkegaardsgt 20   Oslo       Norway    
11 September 1973 Elgveien 6   Yttre Enebakk     1830 Norway    
5 November 1973 Skolegaten 19   Moss       Norway    
14 May 1975 Karlstadveien 37   Moss     1513 Norway    


Family Map

Family Map


  1. Jenssen, Tormod Gerhard [I0002]
    1. Jenssen, Elvine [I0003]
      1. Jenssen, [Living] [I0005]
      2. Jenssen, [Living] [I0006]
      3. Holmboe, Aslaug Ellen
        1. Holmboe, Jan Eigil [I0004]
          1. Holmboe, [Living] [I0000]