Holmboe, Marthe

Married Name Holmboe, Marthe
Birth Name Larsdatter, Marthe
Gramps ID I0127
Gender female
Age at Death 45 years, 3 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0171] estimated 1728 Vinger, Norway    
Death [E0172] 13 April 1773 Vinger, Norway    


    Family of Holmboe, Torger Pedersen and Holmboe, Marthe [F0032]
Married Husband Holmboe, Torger Pedersen [I0050] ( * 1724 + 4 June 1783 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Holmboe, Ole Torgersen [I0128]estimated 1754
Holmboe, Peder [I0129]18 November 1764
Holmboe, Helene Marie [I0130]15 October 1768
Holmboe, Johannes Torgersen [I0131]estimated 1770

Family Map

Family Map


    1. Holmboe, Marthe
      1. Holmboe, Torger Pedersen [I0050]
        1. Holmboe, Ole Torgersen [I0128]
        2. Holmboe, Peder [I0129]
        3. Holmboe, Helene Marie [I0130]
        4. Holmboe, Johannes Torgersen [I0131]