Johansen Been, Kristian

Birth Name Johansen Been, Kristian
Gramps ID I0099
Gender male
Age at Death 61 years, 5 months, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0151] 28 July 1868 Moss, Norway    
Marriage [E0152] 15 February 1890 Moss, Norway    
Death [E0153] estimated 1930      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hansen, Johan Been [I0097]2 December 184629 January 1917
Mother Hansen, Ragnhild [I0098]30 September 184226 May 1908
    Brother     Johansen Been, Hans [I0030] 28 July 1868
         Johansen Been, Kristian [I0099] 28 July 1868 estimated 1930
    Brother     Johansen Been, [Living] [I0200]
    Brother     Been, Carl Henrik [I0201] 28 May 1873
    Brother     Been, Halvor [I0202] 17 December 1879
    Sister     Johansdatter Been, Anne Dorthea [I0203] 25 September 1884
    Brother     Johansen Been, Mikal Andreas [I0204] 3 September 1882


    Family of Johansen Been, Kristian and Johansen, Anna Helene [F0030]
Married Wife Johansen, Anna Helene [I0102] ( * 4 January 1869 + 4 April 1910 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Johansen, [Living] [I0108]
Johansen, Hjørdis [I0112]
Johansen, Johan Lauritz [I0103]18 July 1890
Johansen, Ragnvald Been [I0104]30 April 1892
Johansen, Karl Tormod [I0105]15 November 1893
Johansen, Eivind [I0106]16 August 1895
Johansen, Solveig [I0107]25 June 1897
Johansen, Helge Kristian [I0109]22 August 1901
Johansen, Rolf [I0110]10 September 1905
Johansen, Randi Helene [I0111]8 November 1906


Family Map

Family Map


  1. Hansen, Johan Been [I0097]
    1. Hansen, Ragnhild [I0098]
      1. Johansen Been, [Living] [I0200]
      2. Johansen Been, Hans [I0030]
      3. Johansen Been, Kristian
        1. Johansen, Anna Helene [I0102]
          1. Johansen, Johan Lauritz [I0103]
          2. Johansen, Ragnvald Been [I0104]
          3. Johansen, Karl Tormod [I0105]
          4. Johansen, Eivind [I0106]
          5. Johansen, Solveig [I0107]
          6. Johansen, [Living] [I0108]
          7. Johansen, Helge Kristian [I0109]
          8. Johansen, Rolf [I0110]
          9. Johansen, Randi Helene [I0111]
          10. Johansen, Hjørdis [I0112]
      4. Been, Carl Henrik [I0201]
      5. Been, Halvor [I0202]
      6. Johansen Been, Mikal Andreas [I0204]
      7. Johansdatter Been, Anne Dorthea [I0203]