Holmboe, Johan Olsen

Birth Name Holmboe, Johan Olsen
Gramps ID I0042
Gender male
Age at Death 54 years, 8 months


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0053] 2 July 1854 Kongsberg, Norway    
Emigration [E0168] 22 April 1882   To the United States of America. Remarried.  
Death [E0054] 2 March 1909 Hennepin, Minnesota, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Holmboe, Ole Jensen [I0044]22 August 18186 September 1863
Mother Holmboe, Karen Kirstine [I0045]3 April 1817
         Holmboe, Johan Olsen [I0042] 2 July 1854 2 March 1909
    Brother     Holmboe, Petter Olsen [I0119]
    Sister     Holmboe, [Living] [I0120]
    Sister     Holmboe, Olava Olsen [I0121]
    Sister     Holmboe, Sofie Wilhelmine [I0122]
    Sister     Holmboe, Ottea Olsen [I0123]
    Sister     Holmboe, Nina Kathrine [I0124]
    Sister     Holmboe, Tina Marie [I0125]


    Family of Holmboe, Johan Olsen and Holmboe, Elise Katherine [F0009]
Unknown Partner Holmboe, Elise Katherine [I0043] ( * 9 May 1864 + 8 August 1930 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Holmboe, [Living] [I0114]
Holmboe, [Living] [I0115]
Holmboe, [Living] [I0116]
Holmboe, [Living] [I0117]
Holmboe, [Living] [I0118]
    Family of Holmboe, Johan Olsen and Holmboe, Lovise [F0031]
Married Wife Holmboe, Lovise [I0126] ( * 1 May 1855 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Holmboe, Jenny Marie [I0113]
Holmboe, Georg Rudolf [I0040]30 November 188029 October 1937
Holmboe, Valborg [I0221]13 September 1900


Family Map

Family Map


  1. Holmboe, Ole Jensen [I0044]
    1. Holmboe, Karen Kirstine [I0045]
      1. Holmboe, Petter Olsen [I0119]
      2. Holmboe, [Living] [I0120]
      3. Holmboe, Olava Olsen [I0121]
      4. Holmboe, Sofie Wilhelmine [I0122]
      5. Holmboe, Ottea Olsen [I0123]
      6. Holmboe, Nina Kathrine [I0124]
      7. Holmboe, Tina Marie [I0125]
      8. Holmboe, Johan Olsen
        1. Holmboe, Elise Katherine [I0043]
          1. Holmboe, [Living] [I0114]
          2. Holmboe, [Living] [I0115]
          3. Holmboe, [Living] [I0116]
          4. Holmboe, [Living] [I0117]
          5. Holmboe, [Living] [I0118]
        2. Holmboe, Lovise [I0126]
          1. Holmboe, Georg Rudolf [I0040]
          2. Holmboe, Jenny Marie [I0113]
          3. Holmboe, Valborg [I0221]