Fogdö - or Fogdön - is a small peninsula just outside of Strängnäs, in the county of Södermanland, Sweden. The roughly 90 square kilometre area was once an island, separated by a narrow strip of water, but this channel was later filled up and dried out.

The name may be a combination of the word "Fogde" - or "Sheriff" and "Ö", or "Island" - "Sheriff's Island". This may suggest that at some time during the medieval period or earlier the area was known as the private domain of the King's direct representative in the county.

A more fanciful argument is the one that argue that the name come from "foder" ("fodder") and "ö" ("island") since it was "a good place to grow fodder for animals".

On three sides Fogdö is surrounded by the 1,120 square kilometre inland sea Mälaren. The landscape is mostly farmland, broken by small woods and enormous boulders left over from the last glacier passing by.

It is in this rural setting I, my significant other, and our peculiar little extended family have made our home away from home.

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